Monday, April 14, 2014


Action Stations Parent Assembly

Today all the Junior Classes shared Action Stations with the parents...
Here are some photos of the parents learning at Action Stations time.
Sketching and drawing tadpoles

Life Cycles of a frog

Fun with Words

Easter themed Fine Motor Skill Activities

Construction - draw and label your design and build it!

The Playdough Patch - making things that start with "C"

Art Zone - Painting landscapes

The Number Line - practise counting backwards from 20
or skip counting in 2's to 20

Art Zone - what can I create today!?

"Become an Author" at the Writing Table

Maths Games

 Body Smart Activities

Making an obstacle course

Practising skipping skills

Peg Boards  - making patterns

Play Dough Patch - writing names

Maths Games

Thank you parents for coming along and 
participating in Action Stations.
We hope you gained some understanding about 
what we do in Actions Stations.  
We hope you had as much fun as we do everyday!

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