Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fonterra Visit 25th August

Our Fonterra Visit

Today Dan, Mark and Linda came to visit us from Fonterra, 
to tell us all about where milk comes from.
First Dan told us all about…

                    *  Who Fonterra is

             *  How they make milk products and export them overseas
             *  How they collect 22 billion litres of milk from farms each year           * How they make milk for the supermarket,  flavoured milk, yoghurt, ice-cream and the milk we drink at school
              *  How they send milk to Nestle factory to make lollies
            * What cows eat and drink in a day 
            (70 kg of grass and a bathtub of water)
*  How the cows turn the grass into milk in their stomachs
Where you get the milk from – its udders
*  That it takes 1 day for the cow to make the milk in its tummy
              *  How the milk gets from the cow to the shop and how that takes two days
*  How the tankers collect the milk

Next we asked Dan some of our questions.
After that we went outside to see the Fonterra Milk Tanker with Mark.
Mark showed us the truck, the hoses where the milk goes, 
the computer in the truck that counts the litres of milk, 
the little sample bottles and inside the cab of the truck.  
Then it was time for our visit to end. 
We thanked the people from Fonterra. 
Finally we went back inside and talked about what we had learnt. 
And it was a lot!!
We felt… happy, amazed, excited, good, amazing, 
fabulous, spectacular, proud and awesome
… about our visit from Fonterra.

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