Monday, March 16, 2015



Our inquiry for this Term is all about "Changes". 
During this inquiry our big ideas are...

Things are always changing. We all feel different about these changes. These can include changing schools, classes, teachers, sports groups…etc
It is important to feel safe about changes that are made. We can help to create a safe environment (with peers, friendships) whilst keeping ourselves safe.
We started by looking what things change and how they change.  Room 9 looked at the life cycle changes in the Monarch Butterfly. Here are some of our photos of our changing classroom caterpillar...

Next we looked at the different groups that we all belong to, how these change and how we feel about these changes. We talked about how it feels safe to be part of a group. 
Finally we have started a programme called "Keeping Ourselves Safe". Constable Parcell is coming in to teach us about things we can do to keep ourselves safe. We are enjoying her lessons and visits.

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