Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Holiday Stories Term Two

In the holidays I went to the Lego movie.  There were heaps of people there.  It was funny.  My favourite person is Metalbeard the pirate.  He can shoot out of his leg.  First I ate popcorn.  Next I drank fizzy.  It was fun.  After that Emmet touched the piece of resistance.  It got stuck on him. Finally my Dad put the movie on the computer at home.  I felt happy because I enjoyed watching it.               

By Asher

In the holidays I went to Christchurch.  First Mummy and I went to a hotel and set it up.  The next day we went to a Power Shop and got a cord that is a two-control cord.  After that we went back to the hotel and tried my remote control monster truck.  The next day Mummy and me got the monster truck and took it to the park to test it out.  Finally we drove it.  I felt happy.

By Maia

In the holidays it was Grannies birthday. First I had cake.  Next I gave my Granny her presents.  I felt happy.  We went to the gardens for Grannies birthday.  I liked it because I like Granny.

By Willy

In the holidays I went to my Grandmas.  First I went down the stairs with my brother Fergus and my sister Maggie.  Next I was excited about having a sleepover at my Grandmas house. It was fun.  After that I went to sleep in my bed.  The next morning it was Easter.  I was excited that it was Easter.  I felt happy at the Easter hunt.  I found four Easter eggs on the hunt!

By Claudia

For Easter I went to Kakanui.  First I went to bed.  In the morning I got breakfast.  Next we went to the beach.  At the beach I went swimming.  Next we had a picnic at the park. We had sandwiches and cakes and crackers.  We made the cakes.  I went on the swing at the park.  I felt happy because I like going to different places.

By Sari

First Dad, Ben, Ollie and I went to the Skate Park.  I went down a little ramp.  Finally I went up the big ramp and I went into the bowl.  You move your arms to get around in the bowl.  A little 4-year-old boy smashed into a biker.  Next he had to go to hospital to get stitches.  I like the Skate Park because it feels good going there.

By Lewis

In the holidays I went to Moraki.  Wow!  I couldn’t wait to go to the house at Moraki.  I felt amazing.  I went to Oamaru to go to the pool.  I went down the hydro slide and onto the Moraki boulders at the pool.  Water came out of the pretend boulders at the pool.  It was great because I like the pretend boulders at the pool.

By Xavier

Wow!  In the holidays I went to Waimate.  First I got up and out of bed. After I got out of bed I got into the shower. After that I got into my clothes.  Next I had some breakfast.  I had some cereal.  After that I had a wash.  After I had a wash I got ready to go to Waimate.  When we were all ready we went to Waimate. When we meet up with my Nana, we swapped cars.  My Mum was sad because she doesn’t like me going away. 
I went to Waimate with my Nana.  I love going to Waimate to see my grandparents.  When Nana and I got to Waimate it was very dark. 
The next morning we went to the Wild Life Park.  When we arrived at the park we saw Christine.  After that I played on the equipment.  I went to my new friends house. Her name is Bella.  I like her.  Then I went to see Christine.  It was fun going there as well because I got to play with some awesome things.  Then Christine and I went to get my Nana and then Christine took us home.  Finally the next day I went home to Dunedin.  I felt happy because I got to go to Waimate.

By Safera

Wow!  I went to Hazel’s birthday in the holidays.  First we went to Cadbury World, to the Cadbury Coffee Shop.  Next we went to the Botanical gardens for some challenges.  One of the challenges was going upside down.  I went upside down with Hazel, Rewa, Emily, Ella, Gracie and Taya.  Finally after all those challenges we went to Hazel’s home for Fish and chips. I felt special and I was happy that I went to a party.

By Kaila

In the holidays I biked for three hours.  It was hard but I didn’t give up.  I felt good because I felt strong.  I also watched the Lego movie.  It was good. Emmet touched the piece of resistance and it got stuck on him.

By Noah


I gave Dad a present.  I gave Dad a spray that keeps the sweat away.  Dad turned 50.  He had a chocolate cake.  My favourite!

By Anton

My grandpa’s birthday was at night.  First I had dinner.  I had two chicken nuggets and chips. We had cake and my Grandpa opened his presents. I felt good.

By Jeremiah

In the holidays we went back to Wellington.  I went with Mum and Dad. We played with my friends. Then we went home.  I had a good time.

By Miley

Waa whoo! I went to the amazing movie Rio Two.  First me, my sister and my Mum went into my Mums car.  We went to the incredible movies.  When I got there I saw some of my cousins there.  I got some popcorn and some fizzy.  Then my family and my cousins… went to the movie seats.  After that my family watched the movie. Finally at the end I went to my Mums car.  The movie was awesome because the cheater sang like a creature.

By Glenn

In the holidays I went to Alexandra.  First I got out of the car and started climbing up the mountain.  I got to the clock first… my Dad took a picture.  Next I kept walking.  Then I climbed up to the pretend cross and my Dad took another picture and we kept climbing again.  Next I just got to the top of the hill.  After that my Dad just got to the top to.  Finally my sister got to the top too.  It felt fun because I like adventures!

By Rupene

In the weekend it was Hazels’ birthday.  We went to the chocolate factory and made two cupcakes. There were hearts, butterflies and more things to put on the cupcakes.  First I put the butterflies on a cupcake and then some jaffas.  Next we got a photo of our cupcakes.  After that we went to the Botanical gardens and got a selfie taken.  Next we had to find a feather, a pinecone and a mushroom.  After that we did ring-a-ring-rosie around Peter pan.  Finally we sang Happy Birthday to Hazel on the stage.  I felt amazed when I got to the chocolate factory!

By Rewa

In the holidays I had a sleepover with Emily. I met Emily when I was one. I know, a long time.  First I played with the dolls. Oh, next I must tell you about our midnight feast.  Her Mum packed them for us.  We had them at exactly 12:00. After that we said ”goodbye”.  Then my Mum and I went to the Warehouse.  I got to use ten dollars.  Finally I got a puzzle with four eggs, for guess what? 97 cents.  Not that much.  Then I had a look around.  That looks cool.  It was a Glitzi Globe.  It is a little toy.  First you put some water in the shape.  Then you put the musical note and the two flowers on to the circle. Then you put the sparkles in it.  I had a great time because I spent time with my family.  The end.

By Fay

In the school holidays it was my birthday.  First we went to the chocolate factory café and made two cupcakes.  One was vanilla and the other one was chocolate.  Next we went to the Botanical gardens.  First when we got to the Botanical gardens we had to take a photo of ourselves.  Next we had to find a pinecone, a feather and a mushroom.  Next we had to find something to hang upside down off.  Rewa found a big chair.  We all had to hang off it.  After that we did ring-a-ring-a-rosie around Peter Pan.  After that we went home and had fish and chips.  Then I opened my presents.  My favourite present was a tablet.  Next we had a game of musical statues.  Finally my friends went home.  I felt so, so happy because I had fun.

By Hazel

                          FUNKY KYLA’S
In the holidays I went to my friends house.  Her name is Kyla.  First I arrived at Kyla’s house.  Next Kyla and I played with the Barbies.  Then we played with the Harry Potter Lego.  I was the boss.  It was amazing.  After that we went to bed.  In the morning we…got ready for school and we got our photo taken.  Then we got dressed.  Next we had breakfast.  After that we got our lunch box out of the amazing fridge.  It was ok, not ok, it was amazing at Kyla’s house.  I love Kyla so much.  Kyla and me are BFF’s. If you want to know what that means…. it means best friends forever!
At school that day I felt that she ditched me, so I played with Jemma because I was sad, so sad I couldn’t believe it.

By Maddison

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