Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rain, Hail Or Shine!

In Term Two we have started a new Inquiry called "Rain, Hail or Shine".

Here we are "Tuning In"... Mrs Tamblyn recorded our brainstorm on what we know about Weather.  Here are our starting thoughts and ideas...

What is weather?
Our brainstorm…

Helps things grow (Hazel)

It effects us, the sun makes plants grow. (Glenn)

Weather can make you stay inside or outside. (Maddy)

It changes every single day.

The rain makes the water on the ground. (Kaila)

When the clouds get very heavy the rain comes down.  (Rylee)

We drink the rain that falls, it goes into a pipe. (Maia)

Weather affects animals, bears hibernate in winter. (Fay)

Rain makes flowers close and open up. (Rupene)

Weather isn’t always the same.  (Noah)

When it’s sunny - the sun is very, very, bright in the sky.

When the rain comes down it makes the plants grow.

When the rain comes down the clouds come out.

When the clouds turn pink in the morning, it’s going to snow.  (Willy)

Rain comes out of the clouds.  (Rewa)

When rain comes down, it helps the grass and the flowers grow and when the sun comes out it helps too.

When the rain comes down the dirt gets soggy. (Claudia)

When the rain comes down it helps the trees grow and the trees help us to breathe

The clouds make it sunny outside. (Miley)

Sometimes it can make thunder. (Maddy)

Sometimes when it rains in can make hail. (Safera)

When it is winter and snowing and you have no warm clothes – you could freeze like an iceberg.

When it’s sunny and raining – it sometimes makes a rainbow.

In autumn the leaves fall off the trees.  (Maia)

Weather changes.  Weather goes up into outer space and then a different weather would come down.  (Hazel)

Sometimes when the clouds get dark, it might mean it’s going to rain.  (Asher)

Sometimes on Christmas morning it can snow. (Maddy)

In America when it is hot, it’s really hot and when it is cold it snows – almost everyday in winter.  (Fay)

Blossoms come out in spring.  (Rewa)

Thunder changes colour. (Hazel)

Wow! I'm quite impressed at how much Room 8 knows already!! 

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