Monday, June 16, 2014

Room 8's Wild Weather Trip

Room 8s Amazing
Wild Weather Trip

Yay!  Today we were off exploring the Otago Museum with Room 1 to find out all about Weather!  Our minds and bodies were buzzing with excitement! 
First we packed our bags and walked in a line with our parent helpers to the bus.  The bus driver drove us to the Museum. 
After we arrived at the Museum we met Kim. She is the teacher at the Museum.  Room 1 went to do some experiments and Room 8 explored Discovery World and the Butterfly Sanctuary. 
We took our bags upstairs and put them against the wall.  We had a mini tour around parts of the Museum with our parent helpers. 

Next we had our morning tea together and then went into Discovery World.  We played and discovered many things there. 

After that our parent helpers took us into the Butterfly Sanctuary.  
There were hundreds of butterflies and many butterflies landed on us.

After that we came back to our bags ready to meet Kim, but she was running late. So we had a brain-break and Maias mum, Anne, did some fitness and strength challenges to fill in time.  

After all that excitement we went with Kim to learn all about Wild Weather. We spent some time just outside Discovery World learning about how clouds are made. 

Then we went into the Butterfly Sanctuary to learn all about high pressure and low pressure.  

Next we went upstairs to the classroom and did three different experiments in our groups.

 After all that fantastic learning we collected our bags, meet back up with Room 1 and hopped back on the bus to St Clair School. We had an awesome time at the Otago Museum and we learnt a lot about weather!

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