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Holiday Stories Term 2

Term 2
Holiday Stories
Enjoy reading these gorgeous stories from our holidays...

Going To Nans House

I went to my Nanas. Max and I had a sleep over. It was fun.  I had two-minute noodles.  I liked them, they were yum. We slept on the mattresses.  We watched Ghost Rider. We had popcorn and it was cool.

Faith At Swimming

In the holidays I went swimming.  I went with my Mum and the boys.  My togs are pink and black and yellow.  I went to the Moana Pool and I went on the hydro slide.  And my boys are Ford and Brodie. Shelby came too.

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went to a party and I played and played games.  My family and me went on a plane.  We got a new car.


I went to the SpongeBob movie with Mum.  It was funny. I liked the part when they were in the dolphin’s mouth. I also went to Nanas and she bought slippers for Charlotte and me.  Charlotte is my sister.  I got Panda ones and Charlotte got Sheep ones.  Her slippers are cute ones. I went to Te Anau with Mum, Charlotte and Dad.  The Easter Bunny came to Charlotte and I.  I got a big Easter egg and so did Charlotte.  I liked it. Charlotte liked her big Easter egg.  It was yummy and I liked my holiday.


In the holidays there was a bird on the road.  It was a girl.  The colour is green.  We called it Spud.  She is dead.  We were watching a movie when Spud got dead.  We buried Spud.  I was sad that Spud died.  I will always remember you, Spud.
She was alive when we got her.  We got a cage from my Mum’s friend.  He said we could borrow a cage from his home.  She is cute.  I want to have her for my whole entire life.  We took some photos of Spud so that we can remember her and we are making a headstone.  We made it out of paper.  She is buried under a tree.  My brother buried her up.  She was sick.  But she isn’t sick now.  She is dead now.  She couldn’t fly.  She didn’t have any babies.  We loved Spud when she was alive.  I love making big stories! Bye, bye.


In the holidays I went to Patearoa. I built a Lego skateboard park.  The next day I went to Dunedin and then we stayed at Sandy’s and we had fun!

Friend’s Home

In the holidays Scarlett came to my house.  We did puzzles.  Then Scarlett’s Mum came to pick her up.  I asked Zoe if I could come to Scarlett’s house.  Then we went to go to dinner.  We got chips.  We got to have a night run.  It was fun.  We went back inside. We got fairy drinks.  Happy Birthday Scarlett!

Funny Tuatara

In the holidays we went to a shop with a line of toys.  I got a Tuatara.  It was green and dark yellow.  I made it talk and I made it trip up and fall over.  It was funny.


In the holidays I went to the Chipmunks and I went on the helicopter.

Curio Bay

In the holidays we saw ten dolphins on a wave.  The dolphins were grey.  I saw a shark.

Mini Golf

In the holidays I went to New Plymouth on an aeroplane to visit my cousins.  Then on Sunday I went to mini-golf in the dark with my cousins.  We had a can of Coke when my Dad was talking to his friends.  I shared my Coke with Dad. When he was full he gave me the can of Coke back. Then we dropped Lucia and Jacob off to their home.  Then we went to Ella and Zoe’s home.  It was fun.


In the holidays I went to the Warehouse.  I got five things.  They were big.  I got a pack of Lego and a notebook and a shovel.  After that I went home and I built my Lego.  I got Police Lego and a truck and trailer.  I went with my Mum and Dad.  My sisters were at my Nan’s house.

Amazing Ice-Skating

Fab!  In the holidays I went ice-skating.  We were too early and the place was not open.   My Mum thought it was open but it was not open.  So we drove to the Four Square and at the Four Square we bought some lunch. Then we went back to the ice skating rink.  But when we got there Asher and Darcy were already there.  So I quickly got my ice skating shoes on and went ice-skating and it was so fun.  Asher was ahead of me nearly the whole entire time.


In the holidays I watched TV.  I watched zombies bite people.

Mini Golf At Night

In the holidays I went to stay at my Grandma and Grandad’s house for the whole holidays without Mum and Dad.  We had Easter.  We got loads of Easter Eggs.  First we had tea.  Next we went to mini-golf at night.  It was so dark when we got there.  We got our ball and bat.  After that we did it.   It was so fun. There were eighteen golf courses. I got a can of Coke. My Grandma and Grandad got Fanta. Then we went home and watched a movie called Reef 2 – High Tide.  We got to stay up a long time.  While we watched the movie we had jellybeans. Next we went to bed.   The next morning we had pancakes for breakfast.  Next we…. went to the gardens.  At the gardens we feed the ducks.  The ducks splashed me.  After that we went inside the café to have an ice-cream.  We were so lucky because we had one in a cone.  But my brother had one on a stick.  He said his one was the awesomist ice block because his is colourful. And it is an ice block.  Next we went out of the café and we went home.  We had a snack.  Soon it will be lunch time said Grandad.  Now it is lunchtime.  For lunch we had Subway.  Subway is where you get a wrap and you say what you want in your wrap.  My wrap was so yummy in my tummy.  After we had lunch we watched a movie called Monsters vs. Aliens.  It was a cool movie to watch.  My Grandma and Grandma have Sky, so we don’t have to put a movie disk in.  My brother was so excited because he loves Burgers and we had them for tea.

The Wedding

In the weekend I went to a wedding with Ada, Mum, Dad and my Cousin Kaia and Phoenix.  I was wearing a checkered shirt and Ada wore a beautiful dress.  It had a rose on it. I looked handsome. 
Kaia and me played crocodiles with Phoenix’s friends.  We went down the hill and I found another hill.  I went down the hill and I found some cool stones.  There were red ones and green ones and blue ones and purple ones.  They were cool.  At lunchtime we got Easter Eggs and I went all the way back past the stones.  After lunch we went down the hill again and turned the other way.  I saw fountains. You can control them. I Felt excited about my weekend.

Meeting Dad

In the holidays my Dad and Mum came over with my little sister.  I went to Grandad and Grandmas house.  My Grandad has a bone. It could be from a dinosaur.  I’m not sure.  It is cool.  He has injured his leg.  His leg has a big scar on his knee.  I love my Dad and  Step Mum.  I really love my Mum.  I love my sisters too.

Going To Australia

I went to Australia with my Dad and I got to go on a forklift at my Dad’s work.  I got to do the indicators.  It was really important because if you did not have indicators people would not know which way you will be going. I got to see Granny.  It was cool going with Dad to Australia.

Holiday Fun

In the holidays I played with my toys and my Mum was baking cookies.  My Dad mowed the lawns and my brothers played the rugby game.  We went to dinner. Then we went home.  We went to sleep.

My Brother and Me

In the holidays I went to the park.  I played with my brother.  We played on the swing.

Having A Sleep Over

Yay!  In the holidays I went to Joe’s for a sleep over.  When Joe and I asked the adults “please can we have a sleepover?” They said yes. Joe and I rushed to my bedroom and got some of my toys.  We went up to the car with my toys and my clothes.  We got to Joe’s house.  We went on the Playstation. We played with three players.  Me and Joe and Finn played it.  We had tea and then pudding.  I went on the I Pad.  I played Five Nights at Freddie’s.  I saw Foxy.


In the holidays I went to Australia on a plane with my family.  I went on the boat and we saw a crocodile and an anaconda and it was really long and slippery.  I was scared because it looked like the crocodile was going to jump on the boat.  We stayed at a hotel and I went swimming at the beach.  I had a really fun holiday.

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